About Us

‘Tablet Under Budget’ as the name signifies, it is a website where people can find and buy best tablet within their budget. This website is managed by group of tablet professionals who undergoes lot of research everyday to compile list of best tablets under different price ranges and for various requirements of people. So what screen size do you prefer for your tablet? And, how much is your budget? Checkout our Tablet Buying Guides to buy best tablet within your budget.

Who we are?

We are experienced tech reviewers, the same guys who are helping lot of people everyday (since the first day of launch of Laptop Under Budget back in January 2016) in buying best laptops under their budget. Here at Tablet Under Budget we are going to continue same by helping people in buying best tablet for their everyday needs within their budget.

Our Process of making Tablet Buying Guides

As I said earlier, our team undergoes lot of research everyday so here is our whole process of making tablet buying guides for our readers…

We try to find tablets packed with the best possible hardware specifications in each price range to make sure all tablets suggested to our readers are the best performing devices for the price. We check build quality and durability of the material used to build tablets to see if they are safe for kids or not. We check size and type of display fitted on to the each tablet, inspect resolution and viewing angles of it and how much brighter and darker it can get so that you can use your tablet without hurting your eyes in direct sunlight or from your bed at night. We check battery backup, inbuilt storage and memory expansion options provided on the tablets. Apart from our inspection and review, we also check reviews and ratings given by other trusted websites to finalize our decision before suggesting any tablets to our readers.

We only suggest tablets to our readers that comes with at least 1 year of manufacturer’s warranty.

Note – We update our Tablet Buying Guides regularly so all buying guides on our website are always up to date with latest released tablet models.

From Where to Buy Tablets?

Our main motto is to provide our readers a hassle free experience of buying their new tablet. That’s why, apart from all other researches, we also compare prices of each tablet in our tablet buying guides on Amazon, NewEgg, BestBuy and Walmart and provide link to best deal of each tablet in our buying guides. You can either buy from our recommended online tablet shopping websites or you can search google with model number of tablet and find out best deal by yourself or you can visit any tablet dealer nearby your home and buy your new tablet.

Need Personal Assistance to Buy Your New Tablet?

There might be possibility that you don’t understand all the technical specifications mentioned in our tablet buying guides. No worries! We’ve got your back. Tell us your requirements and budget by filling out a form on our Get Expert Advice page and our tablet professionals team will find and suggest the best tablet for you.