Best iPad 8th Generation Cases For Ultimate Protection & Ergonomics

Experts recommended iPad cases for ultimate protection and hands-free viewing.
best cases for ipad

If you just purchased the new iPad 10.2 and thought you are done with shopping, then no, its not done yet. A good case for your new luxury slate is always a good choice, and it completes your shopping.

In addition, it protects the screen and body of your iPad. Finally, it improves the ergonomics and usability by enabling you to have different modes such as typing mode and binge-watching mode.

So apparently, if you are searching for a good case for your iPad, then you have come to the right place because we have picked out some of the best back covers and foldable cases for iPad, and this is going to be a one-stop-shop guide.

Best Cases For iPad (Latest Model)

1. JETech Case for iPad Smart case

best ipad case for watching movies in bed

This case is best-selling on Amazon right now.

It’s from a brand called JETech, and it comes with an auto sleep and wake function, which works perfectly with this foldable case.

It is based on a magnetic mechanism, and the cover sticks to the screen. When you lift off the lid, the screen wakes up, so it will be super convenient for catching up on notifications from the lock screen.

The JETech foldable case supports the current iPad and the previous-gen iPad because Apple did not change externals. All they did was in the internals. The case is slim and lightweight, and it hardly makes the iPad look thick while providing optimum protection.

The best thing about this case is that the front support a tri-fold function so that you can have a comfortable viewing and typing position on your iPad.

2. ProCase iPad 10.2 Cover Smart case

ipad cover 8th generation

This case from ProCase for iPad 8th generation is also one of the highest-selling cases right now.

It comes available in many color options, which is the main selling point of this smart case.

The case comes in a slim design and doesn’t add much weight to the iPad. The inner part of the case is smooth, so it doesn’t cause scratches on the iPad. The cutouts are precise, and it also provides a tri-fold mechanism with the smart wake and sleep feature.

This case is identical to the JETech case mentioned above, but you get more color options on this one.

3. Akkerds Smart Case For iPad Smart case Pencil Holder

ipad case with pencil holder

If you are a creative professional and purchased Apple Pencil for your needs, then this is the case you should buy.

It comes with a dedicated space for Pencil in the case.

It not only protects your iPad but your Apple Pencil as well. The Pencil sits in perfectly and prevents it from falling. The case supports the auto sleep/wake feature, as you would expect from a folding case, and it saves battery when the lid is closed.

The material is excellent, soft from inside and hard from outside to protect it from sides. The color options are plenty and are suitable for every age group. The cut-outs are precise, and the buttons feel tactile, which is very good and a sign of perfect case fitting.

4. SEYMAC Heavy Duty Case For iPad (Latest Model) Shockproof Pencil Holder

heavy duty shockproof ipad case

This case from SEYMAC is the most purposeful case for iPad you will ever see.

It is for heavy-duty users who mainly use their iPad outdoors.

It has the best in segment protection and a couple of elements that enhance the ergonomics.

This SEYMAC case for iPad is made up of 3 main elements. The first is a screen protector on the front, which is transparent with a hard shell at the back and a soft silicon shell covering the iPad.

There is a 360° rotatable kickstand on the case’s back, which is very convenient for viewing content and movies. You also get a soft strap with the case, which will make your iPad easy to carry while travelling, and your hands will be free for other stuff.

With the help of strap, you can hang the iPad on the seats of your car and binge-watch TV shows and movies at the back while road-tripping. There is also a dedicated holder for the stylus along with the tablet, which is very impressive.

The cut-outs are precise, and the ports and buttons are easily accessible. The color options are ample, so you can pick whichever suits your style.

5. OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES Case For iPad Shockproof

otterbox defender ipad case

The name says it all ‘defender’. It defends your iPad from shocks, drops, and accidents.

If you are looking for the utmost protection for your iPad, then this is the best choice.

The defender supports the current iPad and previous-generation iPad. In addition, it comes with multi-layer protection, and there is a built-in screen protector within the case.

First of all, you need to attach the hardback case to the iPad, and then comes the silicon case for added protection on the back. Moreover, a shield with a kickstand is also provided, which sticks on either front or back. The shield has thick sides, so it doubles the drop protection of your iPad.

The cut-outs for ports are accurate, and you get dust, water-resistance as well. There is a cut-out for the Apple logo on the back to flaunt your new iPad.

6. PIXUI iPad 10.2 Cover Smart case Pencil Holder

ipad case for girls

This case from PIXIU for iPad is trendy among girls due to its rose gold marble finish.

There is also an option with glitter so if you are looking for an attractive case for your new iPad, consider buying this one.

It is a basic yet purposeful case, and it supports the exact smart mechanism for wake/lock like we have seen in other cases. It is made of a premium composition of leather, and it provides an excellent grip. The inner part of the case is made of soft material, so it does not cause scratches to the slate. The tri-fold mechanism provides hand-free viewing and it makes watching movies in bed possible.

This PIXUI case is of a boxy shape, so it changes the feel of the iPad entirely. The sides, top, bottom, and edges have a unique texture that absorbs shocks. Along with the iPad, the Apple Pencil now has become a potent tool for creative professionals, and the best thing about this case is that it has a dedicated space for Pencil.

7. Azzsy Heavy-Duty Shockproof Rugged Case For iPad Shockproof

shockproof ipad case

This back case for iPad from Azzsy is for heavy-duty users and is certified shock protector.

For those who stay out and use their iPad while travelling, this is an excellent option.

It has an armoured finish on the back, and it gives a great sense of sturdiness and feels super protective while providing excellent grip. On the back, it has a unique kickstand that gives you a hands-free iPad experience.

There is a big cut-out on the back in the middle for the Apple logo. The edges are made thick that absorbs shocks.

You do not get a screen protector on the front, as we have seen in the cases above, but it does offer protection for bezels, with easy access to the Touch ID.

Most people pick the black finish. However, you do get other color options as well.

8. Fintie Case For iPad with Multi-Angle Viewing Business case Pencil Holder

business ipad case

This case from the Fintie brand for iPad is an excellent choice and is highly suitable for business professionals.

It supports the current and previous versions of the iPad.

The case is made from premium synthetic leather, and it gives a rich feeling. The interior is made of microfiber, and it is scratch resistant.

The case gives you the ability to adjust the iPad at three different angles, and they are anti-slip, so it is very convenient if you plan to use your iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard.

The case also houses a pocket to store business cards and cash while on the go, which is super handy for professionals.

The cut-outs are accurate, and the ports are easy to access. The white stitches on the black case further enhance the premiumness. There are plenty of color options and different finishes available if black doesn’t interest you.

9. LTROP Case For iPad With Handle kids case

ipad case for kids

If you just gave your kid a brand new iPad, then this is the case you should buy.

It comes in a variety of colors, and some of them include a dual-tone finish.

This case from LTROP is made up of durable hard plastic, and it provides excellent protection against drops and accidents. The case is designed to provide maximum grip with those tiny hollow structures around the case.

The best part about this case is its built-in handle, which is super convenient for carrying the iPad around. It also doubles up as a kickstand for those who want a hands-free viewing experience.

It’s an excellent case if your kid uses an iPad because of the protection and the carrying handle it offers.

10. Muse Case For iPad With Magnetic Stand & Mount typing case Pencil Holder

ipad case for keyboard

The Muse case for iPad is the most purposeful case you will ever see.

It is quite costly, but this would be the best option if you use a Bluetooth keyboard with your iPad.

There are two main highlights of this case. Firstly, you get 8-way adjustable magnetic clips for viewing and typing purposes. So you can put your iPad in the lap, set the clip at your comfort, and type on the go.

Then comes the magnetic mount, which is most suitable for kitchens, so you can mount your iPad on the fridge while cooking and have the recipes open for you.

If you are creative professionals, you get a dedicated space for Pencil on the case, so you don’t lose it.

This case supports the previous version of the iPad, so if you have the previous 7th generation iPad, this case will be a great fit.


These cases are currently the best options for your new iPad. They provide protection and double up as a tool that increases ergonomics by giving you different modes.

We have mentioned the purposes and uses of these cases, so read their reviews above and go for the one that suits your requirements and budget.

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